1. On the navigation bar on the left, click on More features
  2. Click on Populate users

  3. Type in the list of users you want to add to the app in such a format:
    Name : Email : Password
  4. Alternatively, you can compile such a list in Notepad/TextEdit, and upload it as a text file

  5. Once you're done, click Add

  6. A list of users should appear on the top right panel "Populating"

  7. If you want to change their password to a common password, you can do that in the New Password box, then click on Change

  8. Once everything is finalized, click on Populate to add this list of users into the system

  9. Note: If the user's email address is already in the system, the user will not be added, and their details will not be changed

  10. You will have to notify these users manually of their login details if you use this method of adding users into your Coursepad app.